Shape C300 Bracket

  • Unique design to fit our QUICK HANDLE SYSTEM
  • Threaded to fit the C300 handle
  • CNC machined parts
  • Hard anodized aluminum for resistance
Expected availability: 6-9 business days
CAD $213.99
  • The unique design of the C300 bracket allows the user to remove the C300 handle off the camera body in order to install it on the C300 bracket which is installed on the ball & socket part of our DOUBLE QUICK HANDLE ROSETTE.
  • By removing the rubber handle off of the DOUBLE QUICK HANDLE ROSETTE, you can insert the C300 bracket and secure it by tightening it with its allan screw.
  • Once the C300 handle is screwed on, the user has access to the several functions available on the C300 camera handle. For this system to work, an extension for the camera cable is required.
  • Once the whole system is in place, the user has access to the same quick-lock button technology featured with the handles that can rotate individually on a 360