Schneider 4X5.65 ND 0.6 Soft Edge Horizontal Filter

ND filters reduce the light in accordance with their density.

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ND filters are used if too much light restricts creative possibilities. They reduce the light in accordance with their density. They therefore allow more widely opened apertures. For very bright situations the aperture would also have to be closed. This would mean losing the option of short depth of field.

  • Control exposure or depth-of-field under various lighting conditions
  • Diminish distracting backgrounds by allowing the use of wider aperture
  • Helps control the amount of light reaching the sensor or film without depending only on the lens aperture
  • Enable even exposure in unbalanced lighting conditions

Neutral Density series

ND attenuators

Neutral Density (ND) attenuators are used to control difficult lighting conditions such as bright sun, shadowy shots of city streets or excessively bright windows in an interior shot without having to hide a grad line within the scene.

The density progresses gradually from clear to maximum nominal density from one side of the filter to the other.

Graduated NDs

Schneider-Kreuznach Graduated ND filters are part clear and part ND gray. They can be used to balance exposure in uneven lighting situations or to increase color saturation in sky scenes, by lowering sky exposure.

Schneider-Kreuznach makes both soft-edge and hard-edge Graduated NDs. Typically soft-edge filters with wider gradient transitions are used with short to medium focal length lenses because they blend in to most scenes better. Hard-edge filters having narrow gradient transitions are preferred for use with longer focal length lenses or for straight and narrow transitions, like the sky above a flat ocean horizon.

Traditional Dyed Absorptive NDs

Schneider-Kreuznach offers a full range of densities which provide exposure reductions of one to six stops. Maintaining a low T-stop for depth-of-field, these filters are used to control bright daylight exteriors.

Each filter is made of two pieces of crystal-clear optical glass, which allows for the transmission of the truest possible attenuated light. To prevent edge-chipping and delamination, they feature Schneider's proprietary Edge Seal.

True-Match Vari-ND

The True-Match Vari-ND thread-in is a single, low profile filter with both True-Match Polarizing filters in the correct orientation for maximum ease of use and efficiency.

By simply turning the built-in rotating ring, the cinematographer dials in the perfect amount of ND for the scene, from 1-1/3 to 10 stops of light reduction.

* Picture displays only an example of use for type of filter. Actual results may vary.

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