VELVETLight EVO 2 Color weatherproof LED panel

  • 115-Degree Beam Spread
  • Measures 29.6 x 12.5 x 3.6"
  • IP54 Rain & Dustproof, In or Outdoor Use
  • Color Temperature: 2500 to 10,000K
Expected availability: 2-3 weeks
“Expected availability” is the estimated time to ship from the manufacturer to the Fusion Cine national distribution center. ETAs can sometimes vary depending on product availability.

The 200W EVO 2 weatherproof LED Panel runs on 90-265 VAC voltage for worldwide use, but it will also run on V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries with (separate purchase of the appropriate plate) for situations where there isn't access to mains current

Yet one more convenience feature is the EVO's IP54 rating, which means that the fixture is protected against the ingress of dust but also impervious to water splashed against it from all directions.

EVO 2 Highlights:

  • Robust IP54 weatherproof housing
  • AC and DC (24-35 VDC)
  • Lumen Radio DMX-RDM wireless control built-in
  • Wifi ArtNet wireless control built-in
  • XLR-5 in connector for DMX-RDM wire control


EVO 2 has been specially designed for location: portable, easy to handle, weatherproof, robust, quick to install and ergonomic to adjust. The ratio light to weight is optimum. Its ergonomic handles make it easy carrying by 1 person during a film.

EVO 2 panels weigh 7.5kg / 16.3 lbs under its competitor EVO 2 panel + PSU weights almost half of its competitor EVO state of the art electronics and heatsink housing runs completely silent without noisy fans to be serviced. Buttons and color screen are in a good ergonomic position if working manually, they are cleverly located at the right down corner of the panel back.

5LED technology (RGB+W+CW)

EVO 5 LED technology (RGB+W+CW) extends the color possibilities over traditional RGBW, producing a much wider color gamut, a more natural white light and richer, saturated colors. VELVET engineering objective, when developed this technology, was to get maximum light efficiency, powerful saturated colors and the highest color and white light control.

  • More saturated colors
  • More natural white light with much wider color gamut.
  • Richer skin tones and better warm colors reproduction


  • EVO 2 light adjustment modes are:
  • CTT (intensity, color temperature and green/magenta)
  • HSI+ (Hue, saturation, intensity, Kelvin)
  • GELS (standard gels, light sources and user preset memories)
  • RGB+ (Intensity, Red, Green, Blue, White, Cold White)

Color are more saturated and more powerful. EVO 2 is able to creating chromas over any background only projecting the light due to its power making it unnecessary to use physical green/blue supports.


EVO includes and advanced CPU with built-in hardware to get any possible wire or remote control.


  • DMX-RDM through XLR-5 connector
  • ArtNet through Ethernet RJ-45 connector (only STUDIO version)


  • DMX-RDM through Lumen radio CRMX (only EVO Weatherproof version)
  • Wi-Fi ArtNet to control from Smartphone or tablet with VELVET App

LOCAL CONTROL through built-in color display and shock-proof buttons.

  • White light or Color adjustment preset is always visible on its real color allowing off-line settings
  • Gels list displayed as colors


  • EVO 2 produce more light output with less power consumption.
  • Full output both AC and DC
  • More running time using standard Vlock or Gold 14,4V batteries
  • 100% fan-free and silent operation. No maintenance required. The fixture can be operated close to an actor, it is not necessary to pause to fan noise.
MADE FOR MADE FOR LOCATION use and abuse, quick, lightweight and easy to use
  • Weatherproof IP54
  • EVO 2 panels weights 7.4kg / 16.3 lbs under its competitor
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Intuitive color display
  • Quick to setup


  • 1x EVO 2 Color LED panel IP54 with DC in XLR-3
  • 1x DMX in XLR-5, 1x Mini-USB
  • Lumen Radio wireless DMX, VELVET WIFI ArtNet
  • 1x yoke with 28mm junior pin - 16mm baby receiver
  • 1x hexagonal baby mount
Beam Angle 115 degrees
Color Temperature 2500 to 10,000K
Color Accuracy Standard CRI 95 TLCI 95
Cooling System Passive
Dimming Yes, 0 to 100% (Continuous)
Housing Material Aluminum
Photometrics 650.3 fc / 7000 lux at 3.28' / 1 m 92.9 fc / 1000 lux at 9.84' / 3 m
Expected Lamp Life 50000 Hours
Fixture Dimensions Flood: 29.6 x 12.5 x 3.6" / 751.8 x 317.5 x 91.4 mm
Fixture Weight 16.7 lb / 7.57 kg (Including Yoke)
Battery Plate None
DMX Connector 5-Pin XLR
Fixture Mount Combination 1-1/8" Stud and 5/8" Receiver
Yoke Material Aluminum
Yoke Type Yoke/Bracket
Remote Control Type DMX, Wi-Fi, Proprietary Wireless
AC Input Power 90 to 264 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
DC Input Power 24 to 35 VDC
Power Source AC Adapter, External Battery
Max Power Consumption 200 W
IP Rating IP54

  • VELVETlight EVO 2 IP54 LED Panel
  • VELVETlight 200W AC Power Supply for EVO 2 IP54
  • powerCon TRUE1 Power Cable
  • Yoke with 1-1/8" Pin / 5/8" Receiver Combo

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