Sony 0% Lease Financing Program

Sony is offering zero percent 24-month lease financing options on select professional products.

Order through Fusion Cine right now! Just email or call us at 604-879-0003.

PROMOTION PERIOD: April 1, 2018, through March 31, 2019

List of qualifying products

MPC3610 Venice Motion Picture Camera
VCINEPAC1 Venice Promotional Package
VLITEPAC1 Venice Promotional Package
PXWFS5 4K XDCAM Super 35mm Camcorder w/o Lens
PXWFS5M2 4K XDCAM Super 35mm Compact Cam w/o Lens
PXWFS5M2K 4K XDCAM Super 35mm Compact Cam w/Lens
PXWFS7 4K XDCAM Super 35mm Camcorder w/o Lens
PXWFS7M2 4K XDCAM Super 35mm Camcorder w/o Lens
PXWFS7M2K 4K XDCAM Super 35mm Camcorder w/ Lens
PMWF5 All PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 Production Kits
PMWF55 All PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 Production Kits
SCLPK6/F PL Mount Lenses - 6 Lens Kit
VCTFSA5 Shldr Mount Accessory PMWF5 PMWF55
AXSA1TS24 1TB AXS Series Memory Card
AXSA1TS48 1TB, 4.8GbpsAXS Series Memory Card
AXSA256S24 256GB AXS Series Memory Card
AXSA512S24 512GB AXS Series Memory Card
AXSA512S48 512GB, 4.8Gbps AXS Series Memory Card
AXSCR1 Card Reader for AXS RAW Memory
AXSAR1 Card Reader for AXS RAW Memory
AXSR5 RAW Rec'r for PMWF5 PMWF55
AXSR7 RAW / X-OCN Rec'r for PMWF55 / Venice
BCL90 Battery Charger for Olivine Batteries
BPFL75 NEW Olivine V Mount Battery
BVME251 OLED 25 inch class Evaluation Monitor
BVMLE171PAC OLED 17 inch class Evaluation Monitor with HDR Software
PVM-X550 55 Inch Class LCD HDR Monitor
CBKZ3610A Anamorphic Software Venice Camera
CBKZ3610F Full Frame Software for Venice Camera
CBK55BK EFP Style Buildup Kit
CBK55F2K Optical Low Pass Fltr PMWF55 PMWF5
CBK55PD Codec Board
CBKZ55FX PMWF5 4K Upgrade License
DVFEL100 OLED Viewfinder for PMW-F5, PMW-F55
DVFEL200 OLED Viewfinder for Venice, PMW-F5, PMW-F55
DVFL350 LCD Viewfinder for PMW-F5, PMW-F55
DVFL700 LCD 7" FULL HD Monitor

Note: Only eligible Sony products will qualify for this program. Mixing of eligible models with non-eligible, or with non-Sony models is not allowed. The 24-month financing program only applies to accessories purchased at the time of the camera purchase; except for AXS Media and CBK55BK, which can be sold separately and qualify for the 24 month lease finance program.