CINEGEARS Pegasus Cablecam Kit

CINEGEARS Pegasus Cablecam Kit. Cine Gears inc. and Intervideo are coming together to help your reality become virtual.
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CINEGEARS Pegasus Cablecam Kit. Cine Gears inc. and Intervideo are coming together to help your reality become virtual. Intervideo is taking the next step into the future of Virtual Reality to bring the capability to create a cinematic quality VR experience for your viewers. Intervideo’s patented Helius VR system (made in the USA) is a fully customizable 360 degree rig for any kind of cinematic camera.
The Cinegears Cable – Cam / Dolly – Car system (Pegasus) introduces the concept of cable cam system that converts to a land-based remote control system on the fly. This system was innovated here in Vancouver, British Columbia. Take advantage of sturdy redwoods to strap your Pegasus high above the ground, or take to the trail with the built-in ground-ready drive mode. Stay in range of your camera at all times, with the 1km (line of sight) range of the custom Pegasus controller.
Lightweight & Strong
The added functionality does not translate into added weight: we have designed this system to be lightweight, powerful, and versatile. The sturdy aluminum body of the Pegasus does not compromise on strength and safety, weighing in at well under 1kg. Being such a lightweight, the Pegasus uses smaller motors which offer little in the department of background noise.
Maximum Shot Stability
Carry up to a 25kg load up a 35° slope with perfect start and stop stability. The dual-cable pulley system will not sway from wind or speed during motion, and will come to a perfect stop from maximum speed. Using German-engineered motor technology, the Pegasus will not slide back down even the steepest maximum grade of cable slope.
Utterly Precise & Programmable
Using the same motor technology used in our time-lapse slider system, the programmable and precise controller will allow you to take the biggest and boldest time-lapse shots ever. Motion from ambient breeze is eliminated by our dual-cable design, which also eliminates jarring motion from starting and stopping movement.
VR Ready
In an industry first, the Pegasus is fully VR time-lapse shooting ready! Slide VR rigs along with Pegasus to capture 360 degrees of content. Take advantage of the programmability and stability for time-lapse VR shoots to show your audience the difference between night and day!
The Pegasus is designed with insight from a wealth of on-set experience. A forward-motion object detection system will prevent your cable cam from coming into unwanted contact with trees, walls, and talent. All Pegasus’ come in a custom-fit, waterproof, shockproof, hard case.
The Pegasus is compatible with DJI Ronin, MōVI, Letus Helix, and all other major gimbles, using a universal dovetail head. REC triggers built in for all major professional film (e.g., Sony FS7, Blackmagic URSA, ARRI Alexa, RED Epic) and DSLR cameras (e.g., Canon 5D, Nikon D70, Sony Alpha 99).
Energy Friendly
Keep your camera in motion for up to 24-hours with the stock dual Sony F-970 battery adapter.
General Specifications Detail
Weight 1.1kg
Load 25kg maximum
Speed 65cm/sec maximum on cable, 100cm/sec on ground
Control Range 1km
Grade 35° maximum
Cable Length Unlimited depending on environment, not included
Power Dual Sony F-970 battery adapters
Battery Life Up to 24 hours
Case Custom-fit waterproof hard case
Built-in: REC triggers for Sony FS7, Blackmagic URSA, ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, Canon 5D, Nikon D70, Sony Alpha 99


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