Oconnor 120EXE Fluid Head Package

120EXE Fluid Head (Special Mitchell Only) +Pan handle (2575-137) + Pan handle extension (2575-135) 1 + Geared Platform Plate Assembly c/w Screws (C1225-1007) + Mitchell Tiedown (C1234-1018)

36.5-286 lb (16.5-129.4 kg) payload at 6 in (152 mm) C of G above platform.

Expected availability: 7-10 business days
“Expected availability” is the estimated time to ship from the manufacturer to the Fusion Cine national distribution center. ETAs can sometimes vary depending on product availability.

Independent drag settings for pan and tilt range from 0 to 9, are stepless, and located on the right-side of the head.

On the left-side of the head large locking levers, one for pan and one for tilt, allow you to quickly lock/unlock one axis, then the other.

Also on the left side of the head is a tilt lock pin that locks the head in a horizontal position.

The 120 EXe features a Mitchell base, which mounts on available tripod legs and most heavy duty film/video dollies.

The integrated illuminated bubble level aids you when leveling the head, and there are four rosettes for mounting available pan bars, one pan bar is included with the head.

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