Beachtek DXA-POCKET Compact Audio Adapter

The Beachtek DXA-POCKET is a high powered, two channel audio adapter to allow you to capture professional audio directly to your camera.

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The Beachtek DXA-POCKET is a high powered, two channel audio adapter to allow you to capture professional audio directly to your camera. Low noise preamplifiers provide exceptionally clean audio for hiss free recording. Innovative design with unique features mounts over or under your camera. No other device gives you as many features, great sound and mounting configurations in such a small package as the amazing DXA-POCKET.

Designed Especially for Camera Mounted Mics

Perfect audio accessory to easily connect these mics to your camera. The DXA-POCKET provides two mono and one stereo mini-jack inputs. Ideal for wireless mics and small, self-powered, camera mounted microphones such as the popular RØDE VideoMics that have unbalanced mini-plug connectors. Connect any combination such as two mono mics, one mono mic and wireless, or two wireless to your camera. You can also connect one stereo mic for plenty of versatility.

Ideal for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

A must have audio accessory for this popular camera. Eliminate the common problem of very low recording levels on the BMPCC which results in noisy audio. The DXA-POCKET provides the necessary 30dB boost to ensure powerful, exceptionally clean audio on this camera. The difference in audio quality is like night and day. The adapter also eliminates the need of ever having to touch the camera audio controls before or during recording.

Super Easy to Setup and Use

Easily mount, connect and control two audio sources. Built-in shoe mounts provide a neat and efficient way to attach your mics and wireless to your camera. The two mono mini-jack and one stereo inputs provide plenty of versatility. Controlling the audio levels is a snap – real volume knobs mean no hunting through multi-layer menus trying to find or change settings. Since the audio is recorded directly to the camera, it will always be in sync with the video which eliminates the need for syncing in post. Everything about the adapter was designed to be extremely easy to use, from the simple control panel with only two volume controls to the bright easy to read VU meter.

Exceptional Performance

Powerful preamplifiers give you pro results. Powerful low-noise preamplifiers provide a strong, clear signal to the camera. This allows you to dramatically reduce the camera gain which effectively replaces the relatively noisy camera preamplifiers with the much cleaner preamplifiers in the adapter for hiss free audio. This is the key to dramatically increasing the signal-to-noise ratio while still being able to record audio directly to the camera. This eliminates having to use a separate digital audio recorder to capture quality audio.

Two Mounting Configurations

Mount over or under your camera for added versatility. The DXA-POCKET comes with all necessary hardware to mount the adapter under the camera which still allows it to be attached to a tripod, or over the camera to the hot shoe so that it is out of the way of the battery drawer on the bottom of the camera. Also included are two solid aluminum mounting shoes – one for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and one for the adapter to give you plenty of mounting options.

Easily Adjust Your Recording Levels

Dual trim controls allow you to adjust each channel independently. Adjust the proper recording levels even while recording – something not possible on most cameras. You can even set two different levels on both channels when using a mono mic giving you a backup in case one channel is blown out. Volume controls are drift free to ensure reliable operation.

Easily Check Your Recording Levels

Bright, easy to see VU meters make it easy to set the precise recording levels for optimum results. Eliminate any guesswork which can quickly ruin your audio. Built-in VU meters ensure proper recording levels everytime. Two factory set calibration levels, one for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and one for every other camera or camcorder.

Innovative Design

Use the front shoe as a mount or grip. A really cool feature of the DXA-POCKET is the integrated mounting shoe on the front face of the chassis which can be used to either attach a wireless receiver or act as a cushioned hand grip with the supplied rubber insert. The handgrip makes hand holding small cameras much more secure and comfortable.

Super Compact, Super Tough

Performance and reliability you can depend on. Quality metal connectors, recessed switches, rock solid electronics make this super reliable and dependable. All wrapped up in a compact extruded aluminum chassis with nice rubber grips for easy hand holding.

Add Accessories to Your Camera

Turn your camera into a truly professional looking rig. The DXA-POCKET is designed to allow you to mount the optional BRM-1 rod support system to the bottom of the adapter to easily attach a matte box, follow focus, top handle and other gear for incredible versatility. The BRM-1 includes two 3′′ rods that are threaded on both ends. Extra rods can be simply threaded on to extend to any length needed.

General Specifications Detail
Input Level Typically -60 to -30 dBu
Output Level -25 dBu at 0 dB on the VU meter (A/B switch set to A)
-35 dBu at 0 dB on the VU meter (A/B switch set to B)
Gain +30 dB
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-0.5 dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Less than 0.01% @ 1 kHz, -30 dBu input
Signal to Noise Ratio 86 dB @ 1 kHz, -30 dBu input
Battery Type 1x 9 V alkaline or lithium battery
Battery Duration Over 10 hours typical
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5 x 2 x 2.25" (127 x 51 x 75 mm)
Weight 10 oz (0.28 kg)

What's Included

  • Beachtek DXA-POCKET Compact Audio Adapter
  • SC35 Replacement Cable
  • Brass Mounting Foot
  • Bolt
  • Allen Wrench
  • 2 x Mounting Shoes
  • 4 x Slotted Screws
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

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